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Your best work so far man, really.. i love the exaggerated facial expressions and stuff

Haha cool

..but a bit short. I know that's the point of a 'short', but i think the beauty of the Cyanide and Happiness webcomics is that you can look at loads at a time.

Make one animation with loads of little shorts!!

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I'm not even sure this should be on NG, considering there is NO ANIMATION OR ARTWORK WHATSOEVER, and the main voice talent lies in a badly-recorded Microsoft Sam that I could barely understand, even though I've seen the episode that you placed into your caps-overloaded commaless firing line...

Seriously, though, I personally like Family Guy and it's gonna take a lot more than that to tell me it's not funny. If you want to parody/nail/take piss out of anything, put some effort in and fucking ANIMATE IT!

Or maybe you want to leave the extent of your witty mick-take to 'FAMILY GUY FUCKING SUCKS FUCK YOU' and expect the reviews to unanimously say '5/5 10/10, great concept, smooth animation and the voice acting was spot-on' because they won't if you keep spewing this bollocks. My opinion of this is roughly the same as your opinion of Family Guy. I gave you 1 on this review because this managed to not get blammed to oblivion.

Heil responds:


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how do u 3 guys manage to make a game on Flash that looks like it's been made by a teaM OF 50 C++ programmers for a fuckin GAMECUBE? abseloutly amazin game guys!!

Newgrounds Rumble 2....? Use characters like Bitey, a random stickman & maybe Mr Happy Face! have a blood option too!

Impossibly amazing

You must know a LOT about actionscript. I found it quite surprising that you were a Brit; most of the best animations come from the states (yes, I am british)- well, David Firth (Doki) and Jonti Picking (TheWeebl) come from 'over here'- I've just contradicted myself, so that's UK intelligence for you!
Anyway, keep up the good work!

Deja vu...

Tell me, did you get the idea from the Paint Roller minigame on the Nintendo DS game, Kirby: Canvas Curse/Power Paintbrush? The principle is exactly the same!
If you didn't copy it, good imagination and amazing game!
If you did, amazing game!

The sound also gets quite annoying after a while, but it gets the adrenaline going!

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Very good

- considering it used only one instrument, you definitely know how to compose!


Thanks for reviewing my track =]

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Fredgy responds:

haha thank you! :p
and np ;-)

Sup. I started on Flash when i was about 11, and worked obsessively on Copyright Man like the social reject I was. Some time later, I focus more on making music of all genres - although mainly electronic/dance cos it's easier to produce :P Enjoi.

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