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2008-11-03 15:47:44 by dalviel

Since I got my tablet, my version of Flash 8 couldn't be transferred, so general production has reached a low. I am currently working on a trial version of MX and the same package at school, on which I intend to have a go at some more stop-motion stuff. Think the Awesome series: I was thinking of making an addition! Plus a Robot Chicken/Stickmen On Crack channel surfing idea. Yep, it's time for the parodies!

Copyright Man was dropped on the first attempt. The Xefijh trilogy has reached 3. Time for a new Flash franchise! I have two major projects on the go at this moment in time, which are:

DIY Lightsaber II. I know NG isn't exactly Youtube, but i have and will try my hardest to make this a Flash movie with me in it rather than a video of me with some Flash elements. Full-scale fight-scenes against my previous characters: full steam ahead!

Untitled. It doesn't have a conventional name yet, but it will be my first attempt in the Noir genre. That's all i'm gonna say for now... but let's say it's kind of.... backward. In every sense of the word.